Thank you for your interest in purchasing a lulav and esrog set.

Please note: all orders must be made by September 22nd.
Pickup will IY”H be at the Chabad House on,  Sept. 6h  from 8:00pm to 9:00pm

This year Chabad is happy to offer 4 options (levels of beauty) for your lulav and esrog set.

Level Alef: Super Deluxe Set $120
Extremely “clean” and gorgeously shaped esrog, extraordinarily mehudar lulav and hadassim, aravos.

Level Bais: Deluxe Set $75
Extra “clean”, nicely shaped esrog, extra mehudar lulav and hadassimaravos.

Level Gimmel: Regular Set $54
“Clean”, nicely shaped esrog, mehudar lulav and hadassimaravos

Level Daled: Starter Set $36
Kosher lulav, esrog, hadassim & aravos.

All sets come with 1 esrog, 1 lulav, 3 hadassim and 2 aravos.  

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