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All Ckids staff and students must follow these guidelines for In Person Judaic Sessions: 

 1. Do not attend if you have 
        Shortness of breath
        Difficulty breathing
        Runny nose
        Sore throat
        or if you are required to quarantine by Alberta Health
        (This applies for parents dropping off their children as well.)

2. Wear a Mask

    All staff and students must wear a mask for the duration of the 75 minute in person Judaic Classes. 

3. Maintain Social Distancing

    Staff and students must stay at least 2 meters apart at all times, with the exception of a staff member          briefly approaching a specific child, if necessary.   

4. Sanitizing and Hand Washing

    All staff, students, and parents dropping off their children must sanitize their hands immediately upon     entering the Conference room where Ckids will be held.  

5. No Shared Equipment

    Every student be supplied with their own scissor, markers, writing utensils, and supplies for any crafts or     activities that will be done.