Calendar 2020-2021* 

CKids In Person Judaic Sessions are held on Sundays from 11:00am-12:15pm in the Fantsyland Hotel, Conference Room 10.** 

Alef Champ Zoom tutoring will be scheduled by each family on weeks that there are in person classes.

October 18th - First day CKids
November 15th- No Ckids
December 20th - Winter Break
December 27th - Winter Break
February 21st- No CKids
March 28th - Pesach Break
April 4th - Pesach Break
May 16th - Shavuot Break
June 6th - End of Year Celebration!

The price for both In Person Judaic Programming and weekly 30 minute Zoom Tutoring Sessions is $389 for the year, with a 10% discount for each additional child.

*Calendar subject to change.

**Due to the fluid situation of Covid 19, CKids may need to move completely to Zoom or may be able to have everything in person.