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Sunday, Oct. 8th
Sukkot BBQ Kickoff event!
6:30-8:00 in the Pinson's Sukka

Please Note:
CTeen Cafe is held in the Fantasyland Hotel
from 6:00-7:30 on Sunday evenings 
Sunday, Oct. 29th  *6:30-8:00pm
CTeen Cafe! 
Ghosts and Goblins in Judaism

Sunday, Nov. 12th
CTeen Cafe!
Why do bad things happen?

Sunday,  Nov. 26th 
CTeen Cafe!
What’s the Purpose of life?

Dec. 15 and 16
Chanukah Shabbaton! 
*Separate registration required

Sunday, Jan. 7th 
CTeen Cafe!
What’s Afterlife like?

unday, Jan. 21s 
CTeen Cafe!
Is the Torah Green?

Sunday, Feb. 4th 
CTeen Cafe!
Do my actions really make a difference?

February 22-25
CTeen Internation NYC Shabbaton!
*Registration opens November 11th!
** For Teens in Grades 9&10  

Sunday, March 4th
CTeen Cafe!
Who’s holding you back?

Sunday, March 18th
Passover Laser Party! 
*Time TBA

Sunday, Apr. 15th
CTeen Cafe!
Is the Torah a burden?

Sunday May 20th
Holiday Bash at the Pinson's! 
6:00-7:30 - 512 Wahstao Rd.

Schedule subject to change