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Sukkos 5780 Menu and Price list

Ticket Prices:

$1.50– 1 Ticket

$10- 7 Tickets

$20- 15 Tickets

$30- 25 Tickets



Falafel Platter (8 Tickets):

Fresh Pita, falafel balls, choice of salad, fries, chummus, tahina and eggplant.

Shawarma Platter (12 Tickets):

Fresh pita, chicken shawarma, choice of salad, fries, chummus, tahini and eggplant.

Salad Plate 2 Salads- (4 Tickets)

Moroccan lentil soup (Vegan) (3 Tickets)

Fries (3 Tickets)

Drinks (1 Ticket)

Popcorn (1 Ticket)

Cotton Candy (1 Ticket)

Snow Cone (1 Ticket)


Looking forward to greeting you at the Sukkot Art Fest!

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Sukkot & Simchat Torah

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Sukkot & Simchat Torah
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A spectacular celebration of Jewish unity, faith in G‑d, and the completion of the annual Torah reading cycle.