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Guidance from the Rebbe for confronting life's challenges

How you think about any situation determines how you feel about it. This mini series presents a fascinating glimpse into three handpicked, private correspondences with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson—letters that open the mind’s eye to rare psychological insights and new ways of thinking about life’s challenges.


Lesson 1



A refugee is a person who has been suddenly and violently torn away from their natural habitat and thrust into a new and alien set of circumstances. Sounds familiar? While there are many things in the refugee’s experience that thankfully do not apply to the current situation, there are also certain elements to which we can definitely relate.


Lesson 2

Can we change reality?


What is real? There are, in fact, multiple layers to what we experience as reality. There is an external reality—objective “facts on the ground” over which we have little or no control. There is an internal reality—our own personality traits and abilities. Finally, there are our perceptions—the ways that we process what is happening to us.


Lesson 3

Use your inner yardstick




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